Story behind the Norowareta Uchu

In Norowareta Uchu, all living beings emanate an energy called Cursed Energy, which arises from negative emotions that naturally flow throughout the head. Normal creatures cannot control this flow in their heads. as a result, they continuously lose Cursed Energy that gives birth to Atama, a race of spiritual beings whose primary desire is to bring harm to all creatures. These are known as Norowareta Atama "The Cursed Heads".
Sentoki are people who control the flow of Cursed Energy in their entire bodies which allows them to limit its release. High-ranking Sentoki and Atama can refine this energy and use it to perform Cursed Techniques, which tend to be unique to the user or their family and Skin Colors.
Each Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan if one of the ancestors is an Sentoki) have a rank to assess their skill level ascending from Rank 4 to Special Rank. Each Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan) generally start at Rank 4 upon joining the Noroi no Akademi, but this depends on experience and minting process.
Atama and Akachan if one of the ancestors is an Atama are ranked on a similar scale but not exact. The higher-ups can be particular when it comes to ranking Atama. The distinct difference between a rank 1 and a rank 2 Atama is whether or not it is capable of using Norowareta Tekunikku “Cursed Techniques” 呪われたテクニック.
Each Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan) are expected to take on missions involving Atama of the same level. A Rank 2 Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan) should be able to defeat a Rank 2 Atama because their skill level is closer to the strength of a Rank 1 Atama.
Norowareta Dogu are also categorized from rank 1 to Special based on power and potency. The higher the grade, the greater advantage in battle. All Special Rank Norowareta Dogu are imbued with a Norowareta Tekunikku.

Sale Date & Time

Public Sale: 12 May 2022

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Public Sale - 0.1888 SOL

Total NFT Supply

2,888 NFTs

Required Crypto

Price of NFT in SOL (Solana) + Gas Fees



Minting of Atama

Minting of Sentoki

Secondary Markets (Magic Eden and OpenSea)

Rarity ( Moonrank and Solrarity)

Introduction of $JUMON and $ NOROI

Atama Variable Staking

Sentoki Variable Staking

14 Days of NFTs and Yield Lock

Norowareta Uchu DAO

Discord Sales Bot

Twitter Sales Bot

Raid Channels


NFT, $JUMON and $ NOROI Giveaways

Staking adjustments (Inquiring UBIK upon availability of their schedule)

* 1 week yield lock

* NFTs Stake / Unstake

* Yield Adjustments

Norowareta Uchu Gamified Platform


Legendary Auction

Rank up your Atama

Rank up your Sentoki

Majutsu-Shi NFTs


Introduction of Norowareta Dogu

Majutsu-Shi Variable Staking

14 Days of Majutsu-Shi, Norowareta Dogu and Yield Lock


Introduction of Noroi no Akademi

Atama Rank 3 Mission

Sentoki Rank 3 Mission

Majutsu-Shi Rank 3 Mission

Monthly NFT Blue chip Auction using $JUMON and $NOROI

Weekly NFT Raffles using $JUMON and $NOROI

Atama Merch Raffle/Auction using $JUMON and $NOROI


Introducing Akachan (Breeding)

Pay $JUMON and $NOROI to breed


Buy land in $SAND (a place where the community can hang out)

Sandbox integration (we are currently in talks with some projects for land collaboration)

Utility TBA


Senior Graphic Artist & Creative Assistance / Co-Founder
Community Manager
Community Manager


What is Norowareta Uchu?

A universe where different Norowareta Atama “The Cursed Heads” (aka: Atama), Noroi no Sentoki “The fighters of Curses” (aka: Sentoki), Majutsu-Shi “Female Sentoki”, Akachan “Baby Sentoki or also Baby Atama”, Norowareta Dogu “Cursed Tools” and Noroi no Akademi “Academy of Curses” were set up.

Sentoki is a collection of 2888 Sentoki NFT’s – unique digital fighters of Curses residing on the Solana Blockchain. Your Sentoki doubles as a citizenship which grants access to the Norowareta Uchu staking system to earn 10 $JUMON (or more depends on your Sentoki Rank) per day.

Collection of 2888 Atama

0.1888 SOL per Atama

12 May 2022 @ 18h00 UTC

Royalties will be of 7%. Allocation:

  • 60% Treasury / Liquidity Pool.
  • 30% Creators.
  • 10% Sweep the Floor and burn those NFTs.

Norowareta Uchu NFTs are categorized from rank 1 to Special based on power and potency. The higher the grade, the greater advantage in battle and missions. These are the different ranks for Norowareta Uchu NFTs:

  • Yonkyu “Rank 4”
  • Sankyu “Rank 3”
  • Nikyu “Rank 2”
  • Ikkyu “Rank 1”
  • Tokkyu “Special Rank”

The rarity system will have its own section on our website. It will be also possible to check the rarity on Moonrank and Solrarity after the mint.

You can buy a Sentoki NFT on our website (We will post mint link before the launch) and the on Magic Eden or OpenSea as secondary marketplaces.

There is not wallet limit, one for transaction.

For Atama & Sentoki NFTS there will be NO WHITELIST (so that we can build a solid community and have more funds for what will comes) but it's a big YES for the upcoming projects (Majutsu-Shi, Akachan, Norowareta Dogu), check our whitepaper & discord for more info and benefits.

Your Atama or Sentoki will grants access to the Norowareta Uchu upcoming NFTs and breeding system as well.

Well, how many hours do you have..? There are so many fun things to do in the Norowareta Uchu-verse, you can collect, exchange, go on missions, breed and stake your NFTs. Or just print them and put them up somewhere in your room. Or just HOLD...

Acquiring a Sentoki or Atam + Majutsu-Shi will allow you to breed an Akachan for FREE.

Akachan are Baby characters on Norowareta Uchu that have the same characteristics, skills, powers and missions as Sentoki or Atama (if one of the ancestors is an Sentoki or Atama).

Supply and Price TBA

If you have one or multiple of our Norowareta Uchu NFTs which produce 10 $NOROI/$JUMON per day (or more depending on your Rank) when staked. You will get one or multiple of these Discord Roles:

  • R Shoshinsha “Beginner's Role”: Verified Discord User
  • R Yonkyu “Rank 4's Role”: Verified Holder of 1 Atama, Sentoki, Majutsu-Shi, Akachan, or Norowareta Dogu
  • R Sankyu “Rank 3's Role”: 3 Atama, Sentoki, Majutsu-Shi, Akachan, or Norowareta Dogu
  • R Nikyu “Rank 2's Role”: 5 Atama, Sentoki, Majutsu-Shi, Akachan, or Norowareta Dogu (and you will gain also The Nikyu Colony)
  • R Ikkyu “Rank 1's Role”: 15 Atama, Sentoki, Majutsu-Shi, Akachan, or Norowareta Dogu (and you will gain also The Ikkyu Colony)
  • R Tokkyu “Special Rank's Role”: 25 Atama, Sentoki, Majutsu-Shi, Akachan, or Norowareta Dogu (and you will gain also The Tokkyu Colony)

Many things are planned. Majutsu-Shi NFTs, Akachan NFTs (breeding), Norowareta Dogu NFTs, Noroi no Akademi, Norowareta Uchu-verse and so on. To keep track of all those stuff, please read our Whitepaper and join our Discord ;)

Hmm where should we begin with? Rank up, P2E missions, awakening. Integrations into protocols in the Solana ecosystem, usage in our online store, our first merch drop and so on. For details check our Whitepaper and join our Discord.

Stake your Norowareta Uchu NFTs to earn $NOROI/$JUMON. When staked, the Norowareta Uchu NFTs will be placed in an escrow account and removed from your wallet. We have taken this approach to remain competitive in the market and for the streamline the revenue-sharing process:

  • When you un-stake, the NFT will be returned to your wallet.
  • While your Norowareta Uchu NFTs is staked, you can harvest $NOROI/$JUMON at any time.

For details check our Whitepaper and join our Discord.

We invented a concept for our Norowareta Uchu NFTs Rank up:

Combine a Norowareta Uchu NFT + $NOROI/$JUMON Tokens to send your Norowareta Uchu NFT into retreat. After 3 days, he can gain a new Rank.

300 sol Initial Liquidity Pool

14 Days Lockedup Staking

300 sol additional liquidity pool

Exclusive Channels for Norowareta Uchu Community!

In alignment with our mission, we aim to prioritize our community's needs. To accomplish this, we will be creating a DAO-focused community with various roles available (Community Managers, Moderators, etc.) for holders that want to be involved in our project.

We will be offering whitelist (pre-sale) opportunities for other projects, investment opportunities (alpha calls) and giveaways exclusively to members of our DAO.

Twitter Sales Bot for all Norowareta Uchu Projects

Discord Sales Bot for all Norowareta Uchu Projects

Discord Floor Price Bot for all Norowareta Uchu Projects


For more info and details, please check our Whitepaper

If you’re new to all of this crypto talk, welcome!

While there are oodles and oodles of technical bit and bytes, the short of it is that NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” These tokens are essentially digital items that live in the blockchain (which, yes, may be another word you haven’t heard of before).

In this case, the token is a piece of art that’s been “minted” on said blockchain (in this case, Solana) that is one-of-a-kind and fully yours to own! How about that! Here are some great resources that may be helpful to read more about:

In order to purchase a Norowareta Uchu NFTs, you’ll need to use Solana, which you can get at most of the exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, FTX, Voyager...). You’ll want to have about some extra Solana to cover the network transaction fee which will be a nice departure from the gas fees you may have experienced on other blockchains.

Once you get some SOL, you’ll need a wallet (Phantom, Solflare...) to store it in. If you’re familiar with ether and their wallets (such as Metamask), let us introduce you to Phantom Wallet.

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